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Smart Phone

Smart Phone

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Nokia 1

SoftwareOSAndroid O OS 8.0HardwareDesignscreen4.5" IPS LCD 480 x 854 pixels (~218 ppi density)dimens..

Tk.7,999 Ex Tax: Tk.7,999

Nokia 101 In Stock

Nokia 101

Softwarejava-BrowserNoHardwareDesignWeight69.6 gm gmMemorySlotExpandable up to 16GBGeneral500 Entrie..

Tk.1,999 Ex Tax: Tk.1,999

Nokia 103

SoftwarejavaNoBrowserNoHardwareDesignscreen1.36 "Weight76.6 gmMemorySlotNoGeneralCameraVideoNoGenera..

Tk.1,500 Ex Tax: Tk.1,500

Nokia 105

SoftwareOSHardwareDesignscreen1.8" TFT 120 x 160 pixels (~111 ppi density)dimension112 x 49.5 x 14.4..

Tk.1,499 Ex Tax: Tk.1,499

Nokia 105 Dual SIM

SoftwarejavaNoBrowserNoHardwareDesignWeight69.6 gm gmMemorySlotGeneral4 MB RAMProcessorCameraVideoGe..

Tk.1,680 Ex Tax: Tk.1,680

Nokia 130 Dual SIM

SoftwarejavaBrowserWAP 2.0/xHTML, HTMLHardwareDesignscreen1.77 "Weight67.9 gmMemoryexpandable32 GBCa..

Tk.2,150 Ex Tax: Tk.2,150

Nokia 216 In Stock

Nokia 216

HardwareDesignscreen2.4" TFT 240 x 320 pixels (~167 ppi pixel density)weight82.6 gmMemoryexpandable3..

Tk.3,250 Ex Tax: Tk.3,250

Nokia 230 Dual SIM

SoftwarejavaNoBrowserWAP 2.0/xHTMLHardwareDesignscreen2.8 "Weight91.8 gmMemoryexpandable32 GBRAM0.01..

Tk.5,000 Ex Tax: Tk.5,000

Nokia 3

SoftwareOSAndroid N OS 7.1.1HardwareDesignscreen5" IPS LCD 720x1280 pixels (~294 ppi pixel density)M..

Tk.13,500 Ex Tax: Tk.13,500

Nokia 3310 (2017)

SoftwareOSHardwareDesignscreen2.4" TFT 240 x 320 pixels (~167 ppi pixel density)Memoryexpandable32 G..

Tk.4,500 Ex Tax: Tk.4,500

Nokia 5

SoftwareOSAndroid N OS 7.1.1HardwareDesignscreen5.2" IPS LCD 720 x 1280 pixels (~282 ppi pixel densi..

Tk.17,500 Ex Tax: Tk.17,500

Nokia 6 (2018)

SoftwareOSAndroid O OS 8.1HardwareDesignscreen5.5" IPS LCD 1080 x 1920 pixels (~403 ppi pixel densit..

Tk.29,100 Ex Tax: Tk.29,100

Nokia 6 3GB/32GB

SoftwareOSAndroid N OS 7.1.1HardwareDesignscreen5.5" IPS LCD 1080 x 1920 pixels (~403 ppi pixel dens..

Tk.22,500 Ex Tax: Tk.22,500

Nokia 8

SoftwareOSAndroid N OS 7.1.1HardwareDesignscreen5.3" IPS LCD 1440 x 2560 pixels (~554 ppi density)di..

Tk.52,999 Ex Tax: Tk.52,999

Nokia Asha 210

SoftwarejavaYes, MIDP 2.1BrowserWAP 2.0/xHTMLHardwareDesignWeight97.3 gm gmMemorySlotMicroSD card sl..

Tk.6,100 Ex Tax: Tk.6,100

Nokia C5

Nokia C5 - specificationSoftwarejavaYesOSSymbian 9.3, Series 60 rel. 3.2BrowserHTML, XHTML, WAP 2.0H..

Tk.11,800 Ex Tax: Tk.11,800

Nokia E5

SoftwareOSSymbian 9.3, Series 60 rel. 3.2HardwareDesignscreen2.36 "Weight126 gmMemoryexpandable32 GB..

Tk.18,140 Ex Tax: Tk.18,140

Nokia N8-00

SoftwarejavaYes, MIDP 2.1OSNokia Belle RefreshBrowserWAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML, RSS feedsHardwareDesignscr..

Tk.18,000 Ex Tax: Tk.18,000

Nokia N93i

SoftwarejavaYesBrowserWAP 2.0/xHTML, HTMLHardwareDesignWeight163 hm gmMemorySlotYesGeneral50 MB Buil..

Tk.42,000 Ex Tax: Tk.42,000

Nokia X Dual SIM

SoftwarejavaYes, via Java MIDP emulatorBrowserHTMLHardwareDesignWeight128.7 gm gmMemorySlotMicroSD c..

Tk.9,800 Ex Tax: Tk.9,800

Nokia X5-01 In Stock

Nokia X5-01

Nokia X5-01 - specificationSoftwarejavaYes, MIDP 2.0BrowserWAP 2.0/xHTML, HTMLHardwareDesignWeight12..

Tk.13,100 Ex Tax: Tk.13,100

Nokia X7

SoftwarejavaYes, MIDP 2.1BrowserHTML, XHTML, Flash Lite, RSS, CSS, WMLHardwareDesignWeight146 gm gmM..

Tk.35,950 Ex Tax: Tk.35,950

Samsung Galaxy A6+ (2018)

SoftwareOSAndroid O OS 8.0HardwareDesignscreen6" Super AMOLED 1080 x 2220 pixels (~411 ppi density)d..

Tk.36,900 Ex Tax: Tk.36,900

Samsung Galaxy J2

SoftwareOSAndroid L OS 5.1HardwareDesignscreen4.7 "Weight129 gmMemoryexpandable128 GBRAM1 GBROM8 GBC..

Tk.9,990 Ex Tax: Tk.9,990

Samsung Galaxy J2 (2018)

SoftwareOSAndroid N OS 7.1HardwareDesignscreen5" Super AMOLED 540 x 960 pixels (~220 ppi pixel densi..

Tk.12,990 Ex Tax: Tk.12,990

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

SoftwarejavaNoBrowserHTML5HardwareDesignWeight160 gm gmMemorySlotMicroSD card slot Expandable up to ..

Tk.11,490 Ex Tax: Tk.11,490

Samsung Galaxy J4

SoftwareOSAndroid O OS 8.0HardwareDesignscreen5.5" Super AMOLED 720 x 1280 pixels (~267 ppi pixel de..

Tk.15,490 Ex Tax: Tk.15,490

Samsung Galaxy J5

SoftwareOSAndroid M OS 6.0HardwareDesignscreen5 "Weight146 gmMemoryexpandable64 GBRAM1.5 GBROM8 GBCa..

Tk.13,990 Ex Tax: Tk.13,990

Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018) 3GB/32GB

SoftwareOSAndroid O OS 8.0HardwareDesignscreen5.6" Super AMOLED 720 x 1480 pixels (~294 ppi density)..

Tk.21,900 Ex Tax: Tk.21,900

Samsung Galaxy J7

SoftwareOSAndroid M OS 6.0HardwareDesignscreen5.5 "Weight171 gmMemoryexpandable256 GBRAM1.5 GBROM16 ..

Tk.14,990 Ex Tax: Tk.14,990

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max

SoftwareOSAndroid N OS 7.0HardwareDesignscreen5.7" PLS 1080 x 1920 pixels (~386 ppi pixel density)we..

Tk.24,900 Ex Tax: Tk.24,900

Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt (16GB)

SoftwareOSAndroid N OS 7.0HardwareDesignscreen5.5" Super AMOLED 720 x 1280 pixels (~267 ppi pixel de..

Tk.14,990 Ex Tax: Tk.14,990

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (32GB)

SoftwareOSAndroid M OS 6.0HardwareDesignscreen5.5 "Weight167 gmMemoryExpandable256 GBRAM3 GBROM32 GB..

Tk.21,900 Ex Tax: Tk.21,900

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

SoftwareOSAndroid N OS 7.1HardwareDesignscreen5.5" Super AMOLED 1080 x 1920 pixels (~401 ppi pixel d..

Tk.29,490 Ex Tax: Tk.29,490

Samsung Galaxy J8

SoftwareOSAndroid O OS 8.0HardwareDesignscreen6" Super AMOLED 720 x 1480 pixels (~274 ppi density)di..

Tk.29,500 Ex Tax: Tk.29,500

Samsung Galaxy Note8

SoftwareOSAndroid N OS 7.1.1HardwareDesignscreen6.3" Super AMOLED 1440 x 2960 pixels (~521 ppi pixel..

Tk.99,900 Ex Tax: Tk.99,900

Samsung Galaxy Note9 6GB/128GB

SoftwareOSAndroid O OS 8.1HardwareDesignscreen6.4" Super AMOLED 1440 x 2960 pixels (~516 ppi density..

Tk.94,900 Ex Tax: Tk.94,900

Samsung Galaxy S8

SoftwareOSAndroid N OS 7.0HardwareDesignscreen5.8" super AMOLED 1440x2960 pixels (~570 ppi pixel den..

Tk.79,900 Ex Tax: Tk.79,900

Samsung Galaxy S9+ 6GB/64GB

SoftwareOSAndroid O OS 8.0HardwareDesignscreen6.2" Super AMOLED 1440 x 2960 pixels (~529 ppi density..

Tk.105,900 Ex Tax: Tk.105,900

Samsung Guru E1205

SoftwarejavaNoBrowserNoHardwareDesignscreen1.52 "MemoryGeneral32 MB InternalCameraVideoNoGeneralNoBa..

Tk.1,500 Ex Tax: Tk.1,500